Thursday, January 6, 2011

On Bag Lust: The Scout Bandolier Bag

As you probably know, I'm kind of into bags. Well, a lot into bags. Although I have so many, it seems I always have a need for another and I can seem to justify why I need it and when I'll use it. Oddly enough, I do use them all!

I was thrilled to recently receive a gift from my friend over at Alternative Apparel, which allowed me to purchase this useful fellow to add the collection. The truth of the matter is, when it is winter and I'm not riding my bicycle regularly I like to carry a mid-sized shoulder bag that can handle my laptop and a couple of extra bits for the day. Thus enters the Scout Bandolier Bag. It has one large main pouch that fits my laptop like a glove along with some other mags or ??? and then two smaller pouches in the front that fit my shoes perfectly. This is great because it is boot season and a guy has to have shoes to change into at work.

This bag continues to grow on me. I think it is perfect for the back and forth of daily life and I'm glad to add it to my arsenal.

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