Friday, January 21, 2011

On Inspiration Friday


  1. Davin,

    Some of my favorite posts you put up are these Inspiration posts. However, sometimes I get really frustrated because I want to see more in the same vein. Do you think you could provide credits to what you post?

    The first image looks like work by a friend of mine (but I highly doubt that it is) called Dustin Ream -- he has a great series on Barns you might like.

    Take care,
    Steven Alvarez

  2. Steven,

    You're totally right and I feel guilty about not doing a better job of crediting. A lot of times I just grab photos from people's tumblrs as they strike me etc so it can be difficult to know credits to begin with.

    But, this is where I found that barn pic.

    I will try to do better! THanks for reading. :)