Sunday, January 30, 2011

On an Indiana Drive

We are just returning from a quick trip to visit some of my dearest friends who have purchased a home in Centerville, IN. It was a rejuvenating time with people I just love, and I shall share photos of that... but in the meantime, I want to mention something about the drive south. Somewhere between Chicago and Indianapolis is a stretch of wind turbines a few miles in length amidst acres and acres of corn fields. For me, this is both fascinating and stunning to see. These structures are massive and their motion constant. They seem like beautiful beasts and I can't help but want to see one assembled and know more about how much energy they produce. Or even imagining the first conversation with the farmer who was being asked if one could be installed in their field.

Anyway, despite the flat terrain and the general drabness of a middle western winter, the turbines were a beautiful visual distraction. More about the trip to come.

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