Thursday, April 29, 2010

On Art Chicago and Next

This evening, I will be traveling down to the Merchandise Mart with Linsey and Scott to take in the annual art fairs that take place. Namely, Art Chicago and Next. I'm looking forward to this for a few reasons. First, these fairs, however commercially driven they are, end up being a good way to sort of take the temperature of that which is happening. Particularly for someone like me who has little to no connection to the art world, it is generally inspiring for me each year to take it in... whether I'm inspired by the talent that exists of the feeling that I could actually do this and be a part of it. Both are valid and both help push me along.

Secondarily, this year I will have the opportunity to meet the dynamic duo who produce the art subscription service The Present Group. Based in California, The Present Group helped me create my project "You were there, too." I worked with them extensively, via email and phone and Skype but never met face to face. I look forward to doing so tonight.

This project was extremely formative for me. The first time an outsider through money my way to help me create something I had envisioned. I'm proud of what I created, even if it has been over two years ago now!

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