Wednesday, April 21, 2010

On footwear people are wearing that I don't understand

I'm seeing these three shoes all over the place right now.

Can someone please explain?


  1. Mr Youngs,
    The toe shoes, besides being a Fashion faux pas actually have some benefits to them.
    The shoes are simple and allow free movement to your toes which enable you to walk as if you are barefoot but with sole protection.

    What are the benefits to walking barefoot?? Well... The thing is humans have been walking around barefoot for millions of years and in terms of evolution, we have only been using shoes for a short time. Wearing shoes makes us walk in a heel toe fashion and actually increases stress on your knees, hips, and back.

    There are people out there who dont wear shoes and actually run a lot faster and have less back and legs problems.

    These shoes let you be able to utilize your toes again and help you reteach your self to walk the more "natural" way.

    I am actually thinking about buying these for running shoes, (i have a lot of leg issues from running)

    My explanation is full of a lot of holes but I am sure you can find more information on them online.

    Word out

    Mr. Bendaña

  2. Julian,

    Ok. I'll give you the toe shoes, but don't start wearing the shape ups!