Thursday, April 29, 2010

On Speaking of Art

Next Month, I'm headed to NYC for a few days with Scott. One of the reasons for timing with the trip is the opportunity to see the Whitney Biennial, which I have managed to see for the last six years (oy!) and also to make it to the MOMA to see Marina Abramovic' "The Artist is Present." The performance artist's retrospective is getting a lot of buzz on the blogosphere. One of the more interesting and enticing parts of the exhibit includes Marina herself, sitting at a table each day with a chair across from it allowing participants to sit and have what some might call a staring match. Marina has been sitting in the museum all day, every day of the exhibit and it has been documented on the museum's flickr page. I believe once the exhibit is complete, the artist will hold some sort of guinness record. In the meantime, she continues to sit and patrons continue to sit as well. Here she is on day 41:

For me, what is most interesting about this is the museum's documentation of those who choose to sit with Marina. If you spend any time going through the Flickr page, you may get sucked in. It is incredibly fascinating to see the different faces and consider what is going through both their minds and hers.

There have been some well known faces as well.

Or how about this little guy?

This guy seems to have spent many different times sitting with Marina, often resulting in tears.

And then a few others...

Pretty fascinating, eh? I can't wait to see it live.

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