Thursday, April 22, 2010

On Intersection

For a long time I've been considering ways that I can incorporate that which I do musically with that which I make visually. This has always been a conundrum for me because for so long I only understood myself as a singer and then as an adult I began to see myself as an artist... not just a visual artist, but someone who creates. This has been liberating, but also confusing.

So, in my current post graduate state one of my personal goals is to explore the ways in which that I do musically can intersect with that which I create. While in Michigan, I began working with the idea of projected images over sung text. This didn't necessarily pan out, but I was able to throw together the following video. It is the Latin text "Libera Me" backwards.

eM arebiL from Davin Youngs

I'm anxious to continue exploring ways in which I can use video to create intersection.

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