Tuesday, April 13, 2010

On Going Home

Tomorrow evening I'll be taking a train back home to Michigan. Having not been able to return since Christmas, I find myself feeling somewhat disconnected from home and family and in need of return. Home is sentimental for me. This trip is not a vacation per se, but it is respite from the city and after a long winter and hectic spring, respite is exactly what I want. A few days away, with the familiarity that only comes with space occupied by people who have known you your whole life. For me, this rejuvenates my spirit, reinvigorates my creative energies and reminds me of that which is important.

I look forward to the three hours I get to sit on the train and stare out the window and think about the things I will or won't do while I'm away. My departure always has a significantly different tone than my return. When leaving Union Station and traveling through northern Indiana, I find my mind venturing into places it can only go when I'm in transit. Neither here nor there. Thinking about that which is possible and not that which I have to do.

(Somewhere between here and there - 2008)

I think it is so important to be regularly removed from my current space. Many times, my desire is to find myself somewhere new, but right now I'm feeling the urge for somewhere old. So, home it is.

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