Friday, April 16, 2010

On the Cheap

When going home, I usually can't help but indulge one of my somewhat guilty pleasures: Stopping by the Salvation Army and also an unmentionable gigantic chain store that may or may not be ruining the world.

The former, I don't feel so bad about because buying used is generally a good idea. It is particularly a good idea in small towns as stores like the Salvation Army aren't nearly as picked over as they are in cities like Chicago, so I have come away with some really stellar finds. What makes me somewhat guilty about it is that it usually involves buying things I don't need... but, I'll worry about that later.

The latter is definitely guilt, guilty and guiltier, but my justification is that I do this so rarely... Well, I guess I wouldn't say the same about eating meat, so that is a lousy argument. But the deals are so good, and believe it or not, I can find a few basic clothing pieces. Let me show you.

Now, I know what you're thinking... plaid is so played out. Yes, yes this might be, but this isn't just any plaid... it's your grandfather's plaid! No, I'm playin', but I was drawn to this because of the colours and then encountered an extremely pleasant surprise. It is a Tall/Medium. Who makes those? That is exactly what I am. A Tall/Medium. Hallelujah! They don't call it the Salvation Army of nothing.

Now, I realize the above could be mistaken for what your dad wore last Sunday afternoon, but you gotta trust me on this one. I saw these exact same shorts at J. Crew for significantly more than the $2.99 that these set me back, and the shoes above were a mere $10 at unnamed chain store. For me, they're the perfect slip on, go grab some coffee, summer shoe.

Speaking of summer shoes, I may have picked up the black version as well. Oops.

I managed to come across these basic swim trunks at the Army as well. I had been eying a similar pair at Zara for a bit more than the $.99 I paid for these. They are new, too.

Last but not least, I managed to pick up some basic cotton oxford shirts. Some short sleeve and some long. These are staples of what I wear to work and well, most areas of my life. How they hold up? Well, that's another story, but at $5 a piece, I wont complain... for now.

Here's the best part. When you manage to purchase things at stores like unnamed mega chain, you can go down a whole size or two, so this 6'3"185 gentleman is able to purchase a size small. It is quite ridiculous, but I won't complain.

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