Monday, June 7, 2010

On Bedside Tables

I've been on the hunt for bedside tables for quite sometime. Nearly a year to be exact. I had a fantasy that I would find something kind of vintage and odd for either side, but I have to admit something; I'm not that into searching out vintage things. It is a lot of time and lot of work. Although I like it in theory, I'd rather acquire one of a kind odd vintagey things from family or friends, not from hours of shopping.

So, this weekend, given some extra freedom in my schedule and a willing gentleman with a car, I decided it was time to just go get something so I wouldn't have to set my nighttime glasses of water on the floor next to my recharging iPhone. My original intention was just to pick up some sort of odd looking wood cabinets that didn't match from IKEA. I had seen something online that looked practical, but as many things go with IKEA it was pretty cheap looking in person.

Then, somehow magically in the office supplies department we came across these vintage looking supply cabinets that magically fit the bill.

They are a little off, a little practical, and pretty sweet. They remind me of summers in the high school where my father taught, when I would help him clean his classroom. It's also just a joy to now have somewhere to put my remote and my glasses.

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