Tuesday, June 8, 2010

On Floriole and Conversation

I finally made my way over to the new bakery in Lincoln Park called Floriole. It's a charming little joint with a small and pleasing selection of baked goods and lunch options. I enjoyed a delicious cucumber salad with goat cheese, olives and cherry tomatoes as well as an unbelievably fluffy Asparagus Quiche.

I was particularly impressed because my lunch companion looked at my quiche and said "I haven't seen a quiche like that since I ate at Tartine in San Francisco. To which the gentleman at the register said "Huh. Well, that is where (Insert name of woman who bakes for Floriole) trained." Good eye!

Somehow I managed to escape without eating something sweet (which my boss managed to chastise me about) but I will certainly be back as I quite enjoyed just sitting in the space.

Can I just say briefly that lunchtime conversations are some of my favorite? Today I was able to have lunch with a dear friend and mentor and I was reminded that there is something quite pointed about a lunchtime conversation, maybe more so than dinner. Usually the time frame is short and the meal takes less energy, so the conversation takes precedent.

I am privileged to enjoy the people I work with and eat a good hour's lunch with them daily, so I know how valuable that conversation time can be. It's amazing how much business we get done there, so casually, in the midst of recapping our evenings and bad television.

But, there is something to be said for meeting someone for a delicious lunch. The noon hour might just be the most mentally clear of the day. Because of the limited time frame, the pressure to sustain is off and the conversation can just flow. Much can be accomplished. It's a beautiful thing to engage in and take advantage of.

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