Thursday, June 10, 2010

On Dancin' in The Street

You know, I don't know much about Hockey. The truth of the matter is that I actually do know quite a bit about most sports. I tried my hand at most of them when I was young, only to realize my calling was to other things, but Hockey was not one of them. Therefore, this bit of craze in the City of Chicago around the Blackhawks wining the Stanley Cup could potentially be met with disinterest on my part, but, not so quick.

Last night, Scott and I went to a lovely dinner at Spring in Wicker Park, taking full advantage of his recently purchased groupon. On our way there, I joked that we would be the only people in the restaurant as the rest were crowded in bars watching the potential final game of Stanley Cup Series. We weren't, but there was definitely an energy in the street that didn't involve most people going out to dinner. We enjoyed our meal quite thoroughly. Some dishes definitely stood out to me more than others, particularly this lemon grass coconut soup stood out to me. It was incredibly flavor filled.

After dinner, we made our way out into the street and came across this.

People standing outside the Blueline doing their best to catch a glimpse of the final moments of the game. To be perfectly honest, we proceeded to the Violet Hour for an after dinner drink, but upon our exit the Hawks had completed their task. They had won the Stanley Cup. The streets had erupted.

I was transported back to 2005 when I was working downtown and the White Sox won the world series. The celebratory parade passed by our offices and I had never seen anything quite like. People hanging out windows, climbing up poles, generally celebrating. My second similar experience that to me had so much more significant meaning was the Obama's election night in Grant Park, Chicago. The energy of the crowd, the celebration, the whole evening was like nothing I had ever experienced before. I will always treasure it.

So, last night, in Wicker Park, the streets were abuzz and although it paled in comparison Obama's victory or even the White Sox parade, I was reminded what is like to be around the thrilling energy of positive victory. To be on the winning side. To know, that although I don't know much about hockey, I live in a city that was celebrating on Hockey's behalf and I could be a part of that. I didn't dance in the street, but I was highly amused by those who were. I hear Clark street was a whole different story, but let me be just a little idealistic about the whole thing.

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