Tuesday, June 22, 2010

On Jumping on Trampolines

Saturday was my niece's graduation party in Michigan. I've learned later in life that this is a pocketed Midwestern phonomenon where those who graduate from high school have an open house, usually in their garage or a rented tent. They display their awards, pictures from their childhood and offer cake. It's really a weird and beautiful thing. A celebration of passage into adulthood.

My niece's was an incredible event. Lots of relatives, lots of friends from High School and lots of faces from the past. How my Sister and her family pulled it off? I don't know, but no detail was left unnoticed.

Long story short, amidst my Sister's beautiful home and surrounding yard sits a large trampoline. Something I always wanted as a kid and never had. I remember spending many hours on my friends' trampoline, doing just as much jumping as sitting around and talking. I also have a vivid memory of spending an afternoon on my aunt's trampoline during my cousin's graduation party.

Saturday, once the kids and teens had cleared the trampoline, I spotted an opening, grabbed my other niece and did some jumping.

As did she...

Is there something else that brings more joy?

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