Tuesday, June 1, 2010

On plants on the Lanai

My roommate and Scott came up with the idea that our porch or terrace should be referred to as the Lanai, like on the Golden Girls. This seemed all too appropriate as the space is now furnished with some rather chic furniture and a bevy of plants thanks to the warm weather of the holiday weekend and a little inspiration.

Ever since living on my own, I've always been a pretty big plant guy. I maintain that the key to keeping plants alive is ignoring them just enough. Especially house plants. I like any relationship, if you forget they need you and then shower them with love, they seem to flourish. In my old home, I never had proper light to really grow as many plants as I would have liked, but since moving into my new home I've been able to slowly grow my house plants collection. Like many amateur plant owners, I have a lot of success with Philodendron. They live through most anything, but now that I have a proper porch (or Lanai!) I was ready to venture into some uncharted outdoor plant territory.

On Saturday, Scott helped me venture down the street to my local nursery called Fertile Gardens. This place was huge, with a great selection and the right prices. Initially, I had these pots I wanted to fill.

Nine pots, waiting for nine lovely plants. Of course, once in the midst of so many options I had to pick up a couple of extra pots and plants to fill.

Not bad, eh?

So what do you do when you have such a beautiful Lanai on a generously warm Memorial Day weekend? Well, Have friends over, of course.

Now, please don't ask me the names of all my plants. I accidentally threw out the little tags. I do know that we have Hydrangeas, Rosemary, Lavendar, Coleus, and a Confetti Flower. The rest are just my dear little plants that I'm pleased to have accompany me through the summer.