Wednesday, June 30, 2010

On Floral Surprises

One of my favorite components of gardening or plant maintenance is the surprise of the flower. Some plants you purchase already in bloom and the only result is their impending dead future (wow!) But, then there are the others which you purchase on a whim and maybe you didn't even know they were going to bloom and voila! Such is, the following.

Recently, while perusing my floral success story on the lanai, I noticed the little buds. Who knew they were even coming? The plant looked singularly green to me and given my lack of knowledge of what kind of plants some of mine are, how could I have known better. But there they were in all their semi creepy glory waiting to show me what they are made of. Well, lucky for us, the surprise was only a day away.

Look at these beauties! Just as my hydrangeas are turning brown and my rosemary continues to oddly defy gravity, there are these little babies. Any ideas what they might be?

Also, this makes me curious what else might be florally in store for this summer.

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