Wednesday, March 24, 2010

On My Father's Belt

I can't remember exactly when I started stealing my Father's clothes. In general, it is a quite funny thought as he 5'7" is much smaller than my 6'3", but I think there comes a time in many of our lives when we start to appreciate the items our parents have managed to keep for a long time. I used to have the bad habit of managing to snatch them. Now, I'm a bit more forthright about my efforts, subtly talking him into giving me things rather than conveniently borrowing them and not giving them back.

This belt is a perfect example. I think I borrowed it for practical purposes one time while I was home from college, but I didn't seem to ever return it. Somewhere along the way, I managed to actually take a good look at this strip of leather and began to really appreciate what I had snagged.

Belts are a funny thing, right? We don't need a new belt very often... if ever, so they carry a lot of life around with them. If you're the type of gentleman who wears a belt every day (like my father and I are) the belt could potentially have been privy to many different life situations. In someways, a belt has a better chance at being what we would hope most of our favorite clothing pieces are; possibly long lasting, better with age, and story telling.

My Father spent significant time working in this belt. I remember him doing much manual labor while this held up his jeans. It is the belt he would use on the farm when he would be out with the horses or in the woods mending broken fences. Or, the belt could have began its life as something a bit dressier and when it began to wear it could have been downgraded. How long he had it? I have no idea. I've had it since 2000 and I still wear it quite regularly.

For the record, my Father gave his blessing on this little piece of thievery, otherwise I wouldn't be proclaiming my stealing ways to the internet. I'm proud to now own it and hope to keep wearing it along with the stories it keeps.

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