Tuesday, March 23, 2010

On Bleaching my Whites

I have a confession. There are two things that I've never known how to do that I'm quite embarrassed about. The first seems less embarrassing than the second, but still, I know many of you reading this will shake your head just a little bit at me... that's ok, really, I'd shake my head too.

I don't know how to deposit a check through the ATM. I know that this is probably quite simple, but I've never done it and the whole process intimidates me, so rather, I just make my way into the bank when they are open and deal with a person who can do it for me. The thing about this is, I get a lock of checks. I'm a musician, and often get monies via personalized check, so I'm doing this often (if there is work!) and yet, I always do it by going into the bank. So, someday, sometime, with the right person I would like to be shown how to do this. In the meantime, I will just make awkward conversation about the weather with the bank tellers who know me better than I wish they did.

Second, I don't (didn't!) know how to bleach my white clothing. Truth be told, no one ever really showed me how to do my laundry. I think my mother gave me a brief tutorial before college, but I never received a knock-down-drag-out this is how you do it sorta instructional session, so for the most part I've been successfully wingin' it for 10 years. That being said, I've never bleached my white clothes... for a few reasons.

My mother ruined a number of things with bleach. In fact, my mother was a bit obsessed with bleach, using it in problematic places like the toilet and often sporting bleach spots on her own clothing. She used it regularly as it was the ultimate cleaning tool for her. Naturally, because some of my clothes had unnecessary spots, I'm a bit leery about getting too close to it in general.

Also, I don't really understand how you can use bleach in your wash machine and not have it effect your clothes in the next wash. This doesn't make sense. Are we certain all the bleach has been washed away when the load is done?

This being said, last night I decided to tackle my fear, because I am particularly tired of one white oxford shirt looking especially dingy, given its young age. I asked for my roommate's moral support as we examined the wash machine to figure out exactly where to put the bleach in. I pulled out a measuring cup to pour the exact amount called upon by the label. I made sure I had only put items that were completely white and in no danger of being ruined... and then I ran the machine and waited with my fingers crossed.

56 minutes later, I removed the most beautiful white clothing. Each item given new life, and my fears were relieved. I thought how silly I've been for so many years to be afraid of doing this, because the outcome was quite worth it. In typical Davin fashion, I was quite tempted to bleach everything white that I could find, but I resisted.

Today though, I could hardly justify not wearing my favorite white oxford and feelin' quite fine while doing so.

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