Wednesday, March 24, 2010

On Feeling Cheap, Hungry and a bit Lazy

Since I moved in July, I am in walking distance to an Aldi. I used to be super leery of this place, but upon further investigation, I find it to be an affordable delight for some grocery basics. The model is quite simple, with the customer doing the bulk of the work and therefore paying significantly less. Now, I'm not keen on buying my produce there, but in general there are some staples that make a lot of sense... olive oil, soy milk, cheese, bread, etc. I also happened across these $2 thin crust cheese pizzas that I decided to give a try, because, well, they were $2.

Rather than eating these as is, it occurred to me that I should spice them up bit. This would potentially cover-up their $2ness, and provide some more nutritional content than just cheese and bread. Well, the result was faboo and I've taken to do this every once in a while when time is limited, motivation is small and hunger runs deep.

Last night was one of those nights. I made my way home after work to get a few things done before I headed off to see Alice in Wonderland (3-D.) Given my limited time frame, I threw this little gem together.



Aldi Pizza + Whole Foods Produce = Yummmm.

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