Friday, March 19, 2010

On The Perils of Blogging and Stupid Mistakes

Earlier this week and last week I both blogged and Tweeted about "Macaroons."

Last night, before I made my way over to a charming little evening with parents of students at Musical Chairs, where we talked about practice techniques for students, I stopped into a coffee shop to grab a cup and read a paper.

In the paper, I read an article which posed the question: "Will macarons take over the cupcakes?" I read through the article which spoke to the rise and popularity of cupcake shops in the city and how there seems to be a more recent shift to a new confection that is Macarons.

SO, here's the thing. I'm reading and reading, patting myself on the back for being on the pulse of baked goods when I reach a section of the article about how most people don't know what a macaron is. In fact! Most people spell it "macaroon" when it is "macaron." Wait a second! Am I one of those people? I pull out my iPhone and look to my Twitter to realize, I am!

Here's the thing - this:

is a marcarOOn.


is a macarOn.

I've clearly been speaking about the latter, because the former does not appear nearly as delightful.

The worst part is, many of you probably knew this! and have been scoffing at my faux foodie mistypings. This is the danger of putting one's self out on the internet in this way. We leave ourselves open to looking foolish in an even more public arena than normal. So, here I am. Admitting my cluelessness. Pledging to be a better spell and fact checker... and exclaiming my love for the Macaron!

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