Wednesday, March 3, 2010

On A Successful Opening

It's been nearly a month now since I opened my exhibition at the {fill in the blank gallery} in the Lincoln Square neighborhood of Chicago. Given my quick departure to Mexico (the next morning) I wasn't able to properly reflect out loud about how pleased I was with the whole experience. You know, the truth of the matter is when you make art and you decide to show it, it is a bit like inviting people to your birthday party and they get to decide whether they want, or have the time to celebrate with you. There is of course some fear in the prospect that no one wants to come. I am extremely fortunate that on February 5th, 2010 a large number of my friends and their friends decided they were up for a bit of celebration and made their way through the sleety weather to see some photos I had placed on the wall. My appreciation is huge. I actually still sort of can't believe it, because in those moments I felt such positive support, but also just the joy of knowing good people. Screw the art, the room was filled with lovely lovely people.

Actually, on top of all of these lovely people who came that specific evening, I've been interested to hear from all of the other folks who went by during the following weeks. In some ways, that is even more gratifying as their effort had to be a little extra. Regardless, I took the work down on Sunday and now it sits in piles waiting for its next home which feels odd, but at the same time gratifying.

You know, because I have my hand it a lot of different pots (so to speak), people often ask me what it is that I want to do. Like most grownups, I don't actually know what I want to do when I grow up, but what I often do say and am confirmed in through processes like these is that I want to be a part of the creative process and share that with people. In whatever capacity I can, this is when I feel best and I am thankful for the continued opportunity to do so.

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