Wednesday, March 3, 2010

On Friendship Bracelets

While in Mexico, I picked up number of handmade goods that seemed to potentially translate outside the region. It's easy to get caught up in tourist trinkets and fortunately enough my travel companion would remind me as I'm easily taken by things I generally don't need. At nearly every stand one could purchase traditional wool Mexican blankets, day of the dead figurines, stitched pouches (more on these later) and friendship bracelets.

I've been intrigued lately by the idea of men wearing bracelets. I think the notion was kind of stirred in my head by the picture below, taken by the Sartorialist.

For years my Father has worn an assortment of bracelets. The one he wear most frequently has magnates on it that are supposed to help with arthritic pain, but tor me, the look adds character in a non-traditional way. There is something a bit hobo about the look, but also sophisticated and worldly? I think bracelets on men typically signify collection rather than accessory. I'm not saying I am any of these things, but entranced by the wild use of color and in an effort to bring a bit of Mexico home with me I picked up a few bracelets for myself. Not quite as bold as the gentleman above, I'm sporting two at the moment but have some more to choose from for the future.

When I was telling a friend about the loot I brought home from my trip, I mentioned friendship bracelets and she said "Oh, for your nieces?" to which I just nodded and smiled. Rather than telling her they were for me, I figured I'd just wear them and see what kind of looks I'd receive.

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