Tuesday, March 9, 2010

On that Mexican Pouch I bought

I didn't blog yesterday or earlier today because I've been forcing myself to not type frivolous blog postings, but rather, dedicate my energy to my (now completed) final paper for graduate school. My graduate career is not quite finished as I will have one more take home test to complete, but as Mary said to me earlier "You're done."


What will I do with all this extra time that I used to spend on typing papers for class? Well, blogging about frivolous things, of course.

I mentioned before that I purchased these stitched pouches while I was in Mexico a few weeks ago. I actually bought them as gifts. I did give one away to my boss, which I have noticed she is actually keeping in her purse so she must have no hated it. I on the other hand am mildly obsessed with the other two and have actually taken to carrying one as I am without a wallet these days. I am in the market for a good quality leather wallet, of perfect proportions, but in the meantime I've decided the red pouch below will be suitable with credit cards and such. I've also convinced myself it is masculine enough... I know, who am I kidding? But, still, the pattern is kind of amazing.

I still kind of can't get over the ways in which the kitsch in Mexico used colour. It reminds me of this quilt that I have that my grandmother made for me. I will have to post more on that later, but it consists of fabric scraps. None of them match. Not a one, and the result is this amazing hodge podge of colours that seems so perfect. Maybe carrying this pouch is secretly my way of carrying around a little nostalgia.

For now, for now.

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